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Kingdoms Age is a skill based MMORTS game in a vast, living, breathing and ever evolving through players’ actions fantasy world. Players recruit units, powerful heroes, fearsome monsters and war machines forming formidable armies which they control in epic battles.  Every victory or defeat can affect the game world directly or indirectly as various Kingdoms fight for map control and valuable resources. Players may choose to provide their services to a specific Kingdom and fight under their flag, or forge new Kingdoms with the help of other players online.

Main Features

The main game mode of Kingdoms Age is the “Online World” in a persistent world. However, an epic Single Player Campaign is also available for players who wish to unfold an intriguing storyline.

Single Player Campaign

The Single Player Campaign will embark the player on an epic journey where every action has a consequence. A truly engaging storyline with twists and surprises will test the player’s decision-making ability and his tactical skills on the battlefield. Meet unique characters who can help you on your quest to find the truth, acquire ancient powerful artifacts and face powerful enemies. “Death comes to us is how we face it that defines us..”

Online World

In this mode, players start their lives as young Generals in a persistent world with thousand other players from all over the world. They move on a truly gigantic world map where Kingdoms fight for territorial and resources control. They have the option to raid regions as neutral Generals, or fight under the banner of a specific Kingdom defending it and attacking its enemies. Once players become powerful enough, they can even start their own Kingdom with the help of other players and begin to gain and control territory! Be careful though, because with great power comes great responsibility. Managing a Kingdom will require resources management skills, production skills, trading skills and when diplomacy fails, then steel replaces words and only tactical skills will determine the victor on the battlefield!

Battles and Units

Battles in Kingdoms Age are skill based and rely heavily on an army’s composition and the tactics used on the battlefield. The player has a number of units and heroes at his disposal which he controls in the battlefield. Some of the battle and unit features are:

  • Create your army using units from several different races (Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, etc.) with each having its own distinctive characteristics. Create an army with units of the same race and get a racial bonus. Combine units from multiple races which don’t get along, and be prepared for chaos on the battlefield!

  • Choose among several unit archetypes such as Infantry, Skirmish, Heavy Infantry, Ranged Units, Cavalry, Flying Units, War Machines, Monsters, etc. Your heroes are also defined by their skills. (Eg. Warrior, Assassin, Sorcerer, Cleric, etc.)

  • Each unit/hero has a special set of abilities and/or magical spells, which can be used in the battlefield.

  • Both your units and heroes can be equipped with items such as armor, weapons, artifacts, magical scrolls, potions, etc. Level up your units and heroes by gaining XP on the battlefield to unlock new special abilities and improve their stats!

  • In depth battle mechanics such as flank/rear, morale, stamina etc.

  • Ground elevation mechanics which provides bonuses/penalties to melee and ranged attacks.

  • Interaction with the terrain (Eg. Create bottlenecks using the terrain, hide your unit(s)/hero(es) in a forest…just be careful because the enemy can set it on fire!)

  • Weather effects which affect the battlefield and the battle itself (Eg. Rain will slow down the movement of troops and will affect the accuracy of ranged units)

  • Fog of War

  • Several different battle modes in COOP and PvP such as Total Annihilation, Capture Strategical Points, Destroy/Protect Object and others.

  • User friendly controls (Eg. Multiple selection of units, camera zoom in/out and rotation, mini map with zoom in/out function, shortcut keys, etc.)

Kingdom Management

There exist several AI controlled Kingdoms on the map but players can also create and control their own Kingdoms when they reach a certain level and meet the requirements. Kingdoms have borders, which define their zone of control on the map and any resources, villages, cities and fortresses located inside their borders are under their influence. Villages and cities are very important as they are a significant source of income for a Kingdom and Fortresses will help defend a Kingdom against its enemies.

Some of the most important features of a Kingdom are:

  • Build and upgrade infrastructure and defenses.

  • Create and maintain a number of Kingdom Armies.

  • Build and upgrade production facilities which turn resources into products which can be traded or used by the Kingdom itself (more on that below, under “Game Economy”)

  • Create trading Caravans and establish trade routes.

  • Diplomacy and Espionage.

Game Economy

Resources are very important in Kingdoms Age and they are scattered on the world map. Only Kingdoms can utilize resources on the map, and only if they are inside their borders. There exist several types of resources such as gold, iron, wood, stone, grapes, wheat, and furs among others. These resources can be traded or used as materials, if the relevant production facility exists, for the production of end-products such as steel, weapons, armor, wine, bread, beer, clothes, jewelry, etc. End-products can be traded but are also very important for the daily smooth operation of a Kingdom (Eg. In order to keep the morale of your population high, and therefore increase production and income, you need to keep a sufficient amount of population related products such as clothes, wine, food, etc. in your Kingdom’s stores)

All end-products are produced only by Kingdoms and therefore the supply and demand of materials will directly and indirectly affect production and the game economy in general. For example, attacking a Kingdom’s caravans could affect its economy and create problems to its smooth operation. Monopolies can exist, and embargos and trade wars can achieve what might and steel cannot.


Most of the units and heroes in game can be equipped with armor, weapons, artifacts and banners. Some Heroes can also hold and use magical scrolls, potions, magical rings and staffs. All equip-able items can be crafted by players by combining several parts together. Items can increase a unit’s/hero’s stats and some of the most powerful ones can even provide special properties to the unit/hero such as Magic Resistance, Fire Aura, Healing Aura, Critical Protection, Haste and others. There exist thousands of variations of items and even though they are not designed to make a unit/hero invincible in the battlefield, they can provide the extra edge needed to gain victory in battle.


We do not believe into PAY2WIN games and as gamers we despise them, so we made sure that in the “Online World” mode of Kingdoms Age, which is a highly competitive game world, players cannot purchase weapons like the “Mega Overkiller Double Handed Sword of Eternal Agony of (put whatever you want here)” which kills any enemy unit on sight! Most of the purchases available to players are different skins for their heroes/units, different banners and other customization/cosmetic options.  

Oculus Rift Support

The game will support the Oculus VR headset in order to provide a unique and engaging gaming experience to the player putting him right in the middle of a battle!

Kingdoms Age will be available for PC, Mac and Linux and is currently in Pre-Alpha stage.